How Did Robert Frost Influenced Society

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It was the winter of 1906 and the only thing that was present in the life of a middle-aged New Englander was failure. “After a near death experience with pneumonia that winter, this man turned to poetry as his only form of consolation” (Thompson 151). That man was Robert Frost. He was a loving father, husband, and friend. Frost was inspired by the sights around him, the people he met, and the experiences he had. Through his years, Frost developed a personalized style of poetry that would be forever loved and remembered. Robert Frost changed literature and American culture through his relatable subject matter, his unique style and form, and through the wide acceptance and effect of his poetry. Frost’s work was extremely relatable to all kinds …show more content…
Frost inspired many American poets to come, along with receiving some of literatures most prestigious awards. Frost was not only admired by civilians, but also the government, especially when “Congress voted Frost a gold medal ‘in recognition of his poetry, which has enriched the culture of the United States and philosophy of the world’” (Costello 542). One of the most famous Frost quotes is said in the movie The Outsiders when one of the main characters says the words “Stay gold Ponyboy” while on his death bed. This is a reference to Frost’s poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” That is a quote a vast majority of Americans know and is one way in which Frost was highlighted in popular culture. Through his praise from the public “Frost was the most widely admired and honored American poet of the 20th century” (Britannica 24). Frost attained this high popularity because of the man he was and the way he changed poetry. Frost was the pinnacle of American poetry in the 20th century. His blend of techniques and his unique style drew many awards. Some of those awards and honors consisted of being “elected into membership in the National Institute of Arts and Letters in 1916 […] four times he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry […] and given honorary degrees by 44 colleges and universities” (Thompson 152). His poetry was so influential on a time in America when popular culture was on the rise. Frost was even given the honor of reading a poem of his at President John F. Kennedy’s inauguration and was even sent on foreign affairs from the government. Frost was known and respected world-wide and people connected to him in a very special

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