Robbery In Literature

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Robbery rates have always fluctuated depending on many outside factors. Currently we are experiencing a trend of decreasing robbery rates. The academics are intrigued and eager to see why this is happening. This paper will examine and summaries the current state of academic literature to see what academics say it is happening. People commit robbery for endless reasons. However poverty is a factor that plays huge role if someone is to commit a crime. Poverty is feeling of hopelessness because you do not have financial means to support yourself and your loved ones to the standard that society had deemed fit. Robbery is an act of taking goods or service from someone with a threat of force or intimidation. The question we should ask our self’s …show more content…
Watkins (1987) did his master’s thesis to see why are crime rates higher in inner cities compared to suburbs and non-metropolitan cities. He found that 90 percent of victims were robbed in city center in the same city center they lived in. Watkins concluded where homelessness, hunger, and unemployment rate are high that overall crime rates will be high. The biggest factor that influenced crime in city centers was homelessness. Homeless mostly committed assault’s, burglary, public drunkenness however they would commit robbery if they could have justified it as some form of self-defense where they did not initiate the conformation. He also found that young, unemployed, undereducated ghetto males who relied on self-image of being macho and tough would commit robbery in order to support their lifestyle and further their image in the …show more content…
Many theories have been applied to U.S alone. Bharadwaj (2014) attempted to link poverty and crime in his home country of India. He found that India has unique factors that make people commit prime there. First factor was poverty and specifically wealth inequality. Many people live on less than one and a half dollars a day. Indian people envy the ultra-rich minority that see themselves as gods. Unemployment big factor. With over one billion people and week labor protection laws people can lose jobs. If someone complains about condition of work he will be fired and stigmatized by other employers and will not be able to find job and will turn to crime. Rapid country urbanization has influenced massive migration into cities the potential victim pool has also increased. Lastly quality of India’s judicial system is poor. Many parts of the country have their own separate court and elder council systems and the pace at which the system as a whole moves almost ensures that many criminals will never see the

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