Road to Mecca Essay

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The Road to Mecca is the story of Helen, an artist trying to survivor in an isolated community, and her two friends; Marius, the local Minster and Elsa, a progressive school teacher from the city. Helen is feeling alone and unable to complete her work, in a state of depression, she writes a letter pleading for help to her long time friend Elsa, Both women have much in common; both are rebels against social conventions. Elsa teaches radical material to her colored students, and Helen’s exotic artwork defies traditional notions of art encompassing her entire house and garden, this is her own homemade Mecca.
On arriving at the house, Elsa discovers Helen is desperate for someone to help her renew her faith in herself. After a series of
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To not be able to make them also implies the onset of life ending. Helen sculptures are the beginning and ending of the road. Theses life mirrors and candles symbolizes life and death they are the epiphany of Helen’s entire life. This brings to the forefront how bloomy and sad the majority of her life has been. The meeting of Elsa is a high point in Helen’s life it brings back the hope and joy that Helen once had no matter how brief of a period it was. Theses two sisters are bounded in faith, truth and spirit. They both have the same pilgrimage to their own individualize cities of Mecca. If Elsa allows Helen to give up determination it’s the same as losing faith. Helen on the other hand has such an attachment to Elsa that in order to regain her journey to Mecca she must take Elsa with her. This story is written with the expressions of these two women on constant journeys throughout their lives there are so many symbols about the losses and loves of their two life times. When Elsa makes her reference to the women and child on the road, she also makes another powerful admission. She admits to Helen that the women was her sister and the child was hers. Two losses that she has experienced in her journey to mecca. (the lost of a sister and the lost of a child). To further understand Helen and Elsa a person can also look at Object Relation Theory. This theory is based on the belief that people have two views, their internal

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