Risk Factor Modification Field Trials Essay

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The second phase would involve a risk factor modification field trial in which the eligible population would be randomized to receive either the proposed fall prevention intervention or usual care. For one to be eligible, one need to have filled the questionnaire mailed and provided consent that they can be re-contacted. Based in the questionnaires, participants are to be randomized within the risk factor to either intervention or the usual care. In the intervention group, multifactorial intervention entailing a comprehensive assessment of the risk factor reduction. In the case of usual care, this would involve the provision of the community-based elderly primary care in which a standard care from family physician is to be followed by a letter summarizing the self-reported risk factors from the participants to the physician to establish their level of awareness (Weiler et al., 2014). Prospective measurements of falls that would fit community-dwelling elderly individuals and to be relied upon will be the monthly return-addressed postage-paid calendars as it is the gold standard in measuring falls in that population.
Those randomized to the intervention group are first to be assessed by specialist in falls assessment. The assessment will entail visual screening, musculoskeletal assessment, blood pressure assessment, gait assessment and a review of current medications. Notably, the intervention will not involve providing any treatment or on-going monitoring. The…

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