`` Risk And Resilience Of Children Coping With Parental Divorce `` By Sarah Marie

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Does divorced parents lead children for a risk of depression? Divorce express one of the most stressful life situations for both children and their parents. Divorce exposes children to many risk factors such as high conflict, the loss of important relationships, and remarriage. This can lead these children to develop depressive symptoms. However, most researchers would agree that most children have the necessary adaptability to deal with their new circumstances and challenges and someday become well-adjusted adults. In the article, “Risk and Resilience in Children Coping with Parental Divorce” by Sarah-Marie, the author states, “Internal protective factors such as temperament and coping skills as well as good parenting and a supportive environment help these children successfully cope with their new situation.” Children may not get a risk of depression based on their family and surroundings. If children have support from family, peers, and parents, and a positive environment; They are less likely to suffer from depression. The essence of the leading separation, parental conflict, the loss of needed relationships, financial problems, or remarriage of one or both parents play an essential role in how these stressors affect children’s adjustment in the short and long run. Having divorced parents can impact a child greatly whether it being positive or negative. Divorced parents can lead their children to depression or not.…

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