Rise Of The Cold War Essay

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The advent of nuclear weapon was paramount in the arms race between the Union of Soviet Republics (USSR) and the United States (US) during the Cold War. During the WWII, the US, Britain, Germany and the USSR were all engaged in scientific research to develop the atomic bomb.(US Department of state office of the historian,n.d) The development of the nuclear weapon by US through the Manhattan Project in 1942 and follow up of Soviet’s successful test of nuclear weapon soon after is a major contributing factor of such high tension and precarious 45 years.As the allies nigh onto the end of the World War II, USSR and US, progressively containing their common enemy;the Axis,were already on full vigilance of each other.While developing the nuclear …show more content…
Morgenthau’s Animus dominandi view on human nature explains that both US and USSR were driven by deep power ambitions for their own interest. Stalin aimed to consolidate the existing communist states in Europe and proliferate communism further to Asia and Africa while Truman through Containment policy focused on restricting the communist expansion while ensuring that Marshall Plan functions in salvaging Europe’s economy which ultimately intended to align with US’ economic and political interest. States’ military force became the most important factor in national security. The Cold War became a concatenation of intimidation and aggravation using increasingly sophisticated nuclear weapon.After the 1960 U-2 incident, US declared Massive Retaliation Doctrine which stated the policy of responding to major soviet attacks with massive retaliation response. Soviet further aggravate by conducting largest ever bombast by detonating “Tsar Bomba” over Novaya Zemlya off norther Russia.(ICAN,n.d) Meanwhile, other countries such as Britain, France and China equipped themselves with nuclear weapons in attempts to prepare themselves in the volatile politics. Finally, world faced the brink of full-scale nuclear war during the Cuban Missile

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