The Pros And Cons Of Atomic Bombing

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Parcc Practice 2 Ever since the very beginning of time humans can find both sides for an argument for about every subject. The atomic bomb is no exception. The atomic bomb would cause mass destruction but would lead to a quickened end to the war. The decision to drop the bomb was contemplated by many officials and was influenced by many more people who wrote to them. This paper will discuss the effectiveness of multiple writers and their common strategies such as considering the lives of the Japanese, the affect the bombing would have on the US, and the ending of the war. The first way these individuals tried to convince others was by mentioning the citizens in Japan that were involuntarily drawn into this conflict. The scientist against the bomb wanted the people to be warned before the bomb was dropped. If they did this, Japan would be given an opportunity to surrender without 70,000 people dying. In his speech, Robert Oppenheimer states, I think it is for us to accept it as a grave crisis, to realize that these atomic weapons which we have started to make are very terrible…” He is referring to the destruction that would be created because of the bomb. These people were disintegrated the instant the bomb was dropped and many more around the area were affected by the …show more content…
After the US developed the bomb, other countries could easily use the same methods to create their own atomic weapons. Many people, such as the scientist against the bomb, feared that atomic weapons could be used to target major US cities. Another concern was that this would increase the growing conflicts between the US and the Soviet Union, and it did. When US Forces decided to drop the bomb, they told the Soviet Union to ease off in Japan. This was one of the catalysts that started a threatening arms race between the two countries putting them on edge for multiple

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