Essay about Richard Lee Armstrong : Lifespan And Background Information

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Karan Verma
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Geoscientist Biography Assignment

Richard Lee Armstrong 1937-1991

Lifespan and Background information: Richard was born August 4th 1937 in Seattle, Washington. He was a North American scientist best known for his work in the fields of radiogenic isotope geochemistry, geochronology and geochemical evolution of earth. He published over 170 scientific papers. He became a Canadian citizen and not long after he died of liver cancer on August 9th 1991 in Vancouver, Canada.
Education and Career: Richard was a very bright student. In 1955, Richard moved to New Haven to attend Yale University. He got his Bachelor of Science in 1959 and his PhD in 1864. HE stayed at Yale as an associate and assistant teacher in the geology department until 1973. Then he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to be an associate professor at the University of British Columbia. In 1979 Richard was not only an official professor but also an official Canadian citizen. Armstrong studied the chronology of magnetism, metamorphism and plate tectonics. He utilized many methodologies to obtain isotopic data.
Achievements and reputation: Armstrong was an active member of the Geological Society of America and editorial boards for several journals. He took part in the peer review process of the National Science Foundation and Canada 's Natural Sciences. In 1986 he was awarded a Killam Prize by the University of British Columbia. It was his first…

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