Richard Armstrong Biography Assignment

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Geoscientist Biography Assignment

Richard Lee Armstrong 1937-1991

Lifespan and Background information: Richard was born August 4th 1937 in Seattle, Washington. He was a North American scientist best known for his work in the fields of radiogenic isotope geochemistry, geochronology and geochemical evolution of earth. He published over 170 scientific papers. He became a Canadian citizen and not long after he died of liver cancer on August 9th 1991 in Vancouver, Canada.
Education and Career: Richard was a very bright student. In 1955, Richard moved to New Haven to attend Yale University. He got his Bachelor of Science in 1959 and his PhD in 1864. HE stayed at Yale as an associate and assistant
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His breakthroughs were on a wide variety of Earth Science issues, and encouraged a generation of scientists to explore the world of geology. The first of many breakthroughs took place during an overall geological study. Richard was examining a map of low-angle faults. Armstrong concluded that the faults on the map originated in the Tertiary Period (apx.66-2.58 Million Years Ago). Through his research he was able to conclude that the faults were not older convergent boundaries, but actually a series of divergent boundaries. The Sevier and Antler fault lines running through Nevada and Utah. This was his most valuable and significant achievement, it changed the way many geologists viewed the …show more content…
The theory originated in 1912 by a scientist named Alfred Wegener. With a close examination of the globe, he observed that most of the continents seemed to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, especially the West African coastline with the east coast of South America. After the discovery of seafloor spreading the theory was validated in the late 1950s. Richard was one of the first scientists to prove the theory of Plate tectonics. As an expert in Crustal extension, Richard contributed more than 50 pages worth of scientific data to further prove the theory of plate

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