Rhetorical Pedagogy

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The peer-reviewed article On critical - rhetorical pedagogy: dialoging with Schindler's List was co-written by Brian L. Ott and Carl R. Burgchardt, then published on Western Journal Of Communication by Routledge Taylor&France Group on 2013. This article is not directly written for the purpose related with the film production field; rather it uses Schindler's List as an example of “critical-rhetorical” teaching strategy through the usage of media, specifically film. In the article, the author implies that Schindler's List can functions as an informal education on anti-Semitism and the holocaust because it is widely received by audiences internationally. Even Steven Spielberg himself has urged schools and people in education to present this film to students in order to expand their knowledge on the historical context. As the authors agree on the fact that film, in general, is a powerful …show more content…
Ott and Carl R. Burgchardt's article are very divergent than the other three sources in terms of the purpose of the writing; however, it also shares plenty of similarities on behalf of the narrative approach and the reflection of the historical context. I believe the fact that this article speaks to the educational field about the disadvantages in media can be a special direction to expand on when I am developing my sub-arguments. The reason for that is as referring back to the article about how melodramatic genre can affects the audience's reception about this film, these articles actually offers some solutions for the educational workers on how to guide students to use their sensibilities while receiving messages through media. Moreover, this article spends more space on acquiring the problems in this film rather than applause its achievement, at least to some extents, in other articles. Therefore, it provides me with a fresh angle to observe and analysis details from the film and to rethink about if my own claims in the later writing process are accurate

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