Rhetorical Analysis : ' Why What You Learned From Preschool Is Crucial At Work ``

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"Why What You Learned in Preschool Is Crucial at Work" Rhetorical Analysis Would you believe that the most vital skills for work today are learned in preschool? In "Why What You Learned in Preschool Is Crucial at Work", the author, Claire Cain Miller, informs the reader on how skills like cooperation, empathy, and flexibility are becoming very important in jobs nowadays. More specifically, she claims preschool teaches kids the skills that will help them succeed in the workfield. With the use of rhetoric, Cain Miller puts together an article in which its parts work together to strongly and effectively inform the reader on the importance of the major skills that are learned in preschool. Social skills are vital in the work place. In her article, Cain Miller states, For all the jobs that machines can now do — whether performing surgery, driving cars or serving food — they still lack one distinctly human trait. They have no social skills." She also states, "Yet skills like cooperation, empathy and flexibility have become increasingly vital in modern­day work." With these statements, Cain Miller is using parallelism to get her point across. These two statements are similar in structure and content. The first statment concludes that machines still lack social skills and the second statement concludes that communatative skills have become more important in work today. Through these parallel structures, Cain Miller is saying that social skills are more important because it 's…

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