Rhetorical Analysis Of. Burke 's Rhetoric With The Phrase, Equipment Of Living

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Burke considers rhetoric with the phrase “equipment of living”. Meaning we use and learn about rhetoric strategies including culture, love, different circumstances, which we all get a response of what we are reading or watching in the moment. Its what we consider to be significant in our lives or the ones we are learning about, if it’s a novel, poem, movie or even a play. They are four different ways to view rhetoric this include: as a symbolic action, situational, narration and display.
One of the most important theorists of the twentieth century was K. Burke. Known for his writing in different fields like religion, history, drama and many others. He wrote more rhetoric as symbolic action, he defines it as a way of helping people visualize something that is being said. We may use it to understand something and then using visuals in our minds as symbol to recreate what is being said. Also, the way you speak to another person, if your want to be able to identify that person, you may need to talk and use similar gesture that person uses to get a better respond from the person you are explaining your idea too.
Identification plays an important role, because it’s used in our daily like to be able to communicate with others, by using similar gestures, to share a common topic or compare different topics. It is relevant to, because each person play a different role; Burke emphasizes that as human need to communicate with others, and receiving a symbolic view of what it is being…

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