Rhetoric, Pathos, And Logos Essay

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A rhetorical argument is a persuasive argument that uses one of the following three persuasive ‘appeals’: Ethos, pathos, and/or logos. To use ethos means to appeal to the character of the audience. It is a claim that is supported through a reference to the reputation or character of the speaker. To use pathos means to appeal to the emotions of the audience. The goal of pathos is to persuade the audience through the use of words that appeal to the feelings of the audience. To use logos means to use reason and logic to persuade or make an argument. All three of these persuasive ‘appeals’ are of vital importance in making arguments in literature and in speeches today. An example of a speech that uses all three ‘appeals’ is the closing statements of Hillary Clinton in the 3rd presidential debate of 2016. The debate was between Donald Trump, the republican nominee, and Hillary Clinton, the democratic nominee. In this closing argument, Clinton is trying to make a pitch to her audience. Her audience are the American people watching this debate, who are undecided about who to vote for. Hillary Clinton successfully gives a closing argument using ethos, by acknowledging her thirty years served in the Senate and as Secretary of State, pathos, when she speaks about everyone uniting and working together, and logos, by using facts to support her proposed plans. Hillary Clinton effectively uses ethos by reminding her audience about her past experience serving and helping the country.…

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