Rhetoric As A Good And Bad, Horrible, And The Ugly Essay

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In one of his most famous works ever, Aristotle describes rhetoric as being “concerned with such things as come, more or less, within the general ken of all men and belong to no definite science”. Rhetoric is such an important literary tool for two reasons: all men use it to some extent and it helps readers analyze other pieces of literature and art. This essay will discuss the latter reason. The art of persuasion has been applied to three different works of literature: We Need Gun Control to Stop More Than Criminals, The Man Who Was Thursday, a nightmare, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
Before delving into how Aristotle 's analytical strategies can be applied to the aforementioned literary works, the reader must have an appropriate summarization of all three. First let 's summarize We Need Gun Control to Stop More Than Criminals. This informative article, which was written for U.S News by Susan Milligan, attempts to persuade readers to favor gun control. Milligan begins the piece by describing the thoughts of many anti-gun control advocates. The author states that opponents of gun control acts think that gun control laws will not help because they feel that criminals will find some way of getting illegal guns with or without laws. Milligan writes that this is true however “gun violence isn 't only committed by classic criminals, as recent gun-related tragedies show” (Milligan). She then proceeds to give examples of these recent tragedies. A young boy brings a shotgun…

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