The Communist Manifesto

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It is argued that the world as we know it today, would not be the same without the various reforms/revolutions that have taken place. A reform/revolution is best defined as an action that is carried out, typically in a social, political, or economic matter in order to improve the situation a group faces. The First Year Seminar course at Concordia College-NY taught me several significant reforms/revolutions that have occurred that have drastically impacted humanity today. Although my section was taught numerous reforms/revolutions, I personally believe the Communist Revolution, Cultural Revolution, and the Music Revolution of the 20th Century has had the greatest influence on the well-being of the globe today. The twentieth century Communist …show more content…
It also stated that the “Proletariat” (poor working class) would overthrow the “Bourgeoisie” (upper class factory owners). Through “the Communist Manifesto”, our class was able to identify Marx’s views on capitalism and economics as a whole. After reading Marx’s work, I was able to surface three of his economic views. I discovered that Marx believed Capitalism struggled because of the abundance of goods, not shortage, and that he did not fully believe in a complete abolition of Capitalism. Marx just pointed out a few of the Capitalist economy problems and believed in economics as a whole rather than a class system. The First Year Seminar Course facilitated my efforts to discover Karl Marx’s true economic beliefs in the “Communist …show more content…
The Music Revolution taught by Professor Foss, showed how different time periods revolutionized music. For example: The United States faces many issues today involving police brutality and the treatment of African Americans. African Americans felt they were discriminated by the police. Therefore, rap music groups such as “Run DMC” and “NWA” (Ni**as with Attitude) released music that reflected their thoughts about the issues they faced. “NWA” released the song “Straight Outta Compton” in 1988 detailing the ups and downs of gangster life in Southern Los Angeles. The song became an instant hit and is looked at as one of the most influential hip hop songs ever released. Before the rap music era began, other music arose such as the electronic and rock & roll music period because of political decisions the United States government made. Professor Foss’ Music Revolution segment taught me how music revolves around current events in

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