Revising Our Understanding Of The Dark Ages Essay

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Revising Our Understanding of The Dark Ages

It is my belief that Catholicism was responsible for the Dark Ages; in this essay I will explain why! In history class we have read about the great ancient empires that came before us, such as the Greeks, the Romans, and the Egyptians. During our studies, we also learned about , the time in between the 6th and 14th century, this period has come to be known as the “Dark Ages”. Many historians believe that the term Dark Ages might not be accurate and that the reasons behind the origins of the Dark Ages, aren’t well understood. Most were taught that Christianity was what led people out of the Dark Ages. It might be more feasible to say that the Dark ages were created by the introduction of Christianity, to make the people easier to control. As stated by Edward Gibbons “religion and the empire acted to foster unity with the Christian God cast as inspiring Roman Imperialism with a mission to conquer, convert and civilise the world. Emperors were seen as hand-picked by God, thus imbibing them with sacred status. Rejection of the Empire was only a fringe position among Christian thinkers” Christianity allowed for the absolute control that we saw in the periods to come.

Furthermore, we were taught that the Dark Ages were a period of time in which people were unenlightened. We learned that the Catholic Church was the only beacon of hope during this time period. Kings like Charlemagne were seen as the champion of his time, for…

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