Review Of ' The King Of Blues ' Essay

2104 Words Nov 11th, 2015 null Page
B.B. is most always regarded as the king of blues, and why shouldn’t he be. He started from the bottom and worked his way up in the world. From living in a broken shack on a plantation. To living it up on his bus playing over 100 concerts a year. How many other people do you know who have started from such a poor place and grew up to be a king of something? Not many right, well that’s what B.B. did. Now you might be telling yourself there are tons of success stories of people being at the very bottom and then soon being at the top of the celebrities. Well I’ll tell you people something B.B. King is a different kind of success story. He was born in 1925 when racism was still alive. Not many stars have had to overcome racism in our 21st century now did they? Not to mention racism but also the setting in which B.B. grew up in was very different to ours. Like I previously mentioned he grew up on a plantation where from a very young age maybe about 7 he was working in the fields picking cotton. That’s right a child was working the same hours and doing the same thing that grown men and woman were doing. Now you didn’t see Justin Bieber working on a plantation at the age of 7 did you. Just think about this though B.B. could have stayed on that plantation most of his life, or until it shut down if he didn’t have a feeling inside of him, a feeling of desire for something more, most importantly a feeling of producing music that he could share to the world for others to appreciate. He…

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