Essay on Review Of ' Of Mice And Men '

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The Impacts of Camaraderie
Solitary confinement is isolation as a form of punishment. If one is put in seclusion as a punishment, who would want to live his or her daily life in it? In any situation, setting, or time period, companionship is a necessity. In Of Mice and Men, the motif of camaraderie helps characters to feel secure, not isolated. The story takes place on a farm in North Carolina during the 1930’s. There is one African American, one woman, one long-lasting friendship, and one mentally handicapped person. Each of these characters feel alone in their own individual ways, weather it is externally or internally. Each character faces challenges such as: trying to be noticed or heard, losing one he/she cares about, or staying out of trouble. However, there are few friendships which help the loneliness disappear and problems become easier to handle.
Having each other to rely on thorough out the novel is essential to both Lennie and George. As they say:
But not us, he said.
Because I got you an’------
An’ I got you (Steinbeck 104).
This quote shows that they each literally have one another. Both Lennie and George know the lines that come next and truthfully mean what they state. By having them alternate the lines, it shows that they know and trust each other, and have a powerful friendship. Both Lennie and George contribute to the friendship; however, they do it in different ways. George, the intellect of the friendship, helps guide Lennie through making…

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