Essay on Review Of ' Momma And The Meaning Of Life '

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Article Review: “Momma and the Meaning of Life”

Yalom’s (1999) book, “Momma and the Meaning of Life” provides tales of psychotherapy. Several of Yalom psychotherapy group tales were of value to my training as a professional counselor. Throughout his book, there are multiple advice given to Yalom that are worthy of attention, especially at a counselor in training. I have always had an interest in group therapy; Yalom’ s tales of his group therapy experiences gave clinical insight of group therapy in various settings. There was a remarkable example of countertransference that verified the importance of a counselor’s ability to be attentive and discrete to protect clients’ confidentiality. And… In the beginning of Yalom’s book, a professional advised him to allow patients to teach him versus him teaching patients (Yalom, 1999). In parallel to learning in graduate school that clients are not their diagnosis, the diagnosis is a part of them; I have found out by reading the first few chapters that allowing clients/patients to teach us about them will enable us to relate to the client and build rapport with the client. This really caught my attention because many times I feel the urge to simply ask questions and I find it hard to reflect on statements made by clients. From this, I learned that I should focus on the client rather than focusing on the client’s pathology or the situation that brought him or her into counseling. A comment made by a character, Paula, is a prime…

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