Review Of Luigi Pirandello 's ' Mrs. Frola And Mr. ' Essay

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The novella “Mrs. Frola And Mr. Ponza, Her Son In Law” written by Luigi Pirandello is a story that leaves readers wondering which character; Mrs. Frola or Mr. Ponza, is the one that is lying. Making it more difficult to choose, the story has no answer to that question and both characters have a probability of being in a crazed state. It’s impossible to know just who is worse, so it’s left up to the town of Valdana to judge the situation of this family. Though it could be hypothesized that one or both of them is wrong, there still is a possibility that they are both right; that neither of them are crazy. Mr. Ponza is a brute, heavyset man with a temper as well as a strong controlling force over his wife, Tildina. Pirandello writes “Mr. Ponza wants to have his wife entirely to himself, to such an extent that he wants even the love she must have for her mother.” He tries to keep her away from others, including her own mother, Mrs. Frola. Even if he allows her to go out, he must accompany her and watch her closely. He behaves in such a way that it wouldn’t be strange to call him mad; anyone who would keep a mother and daughter apart must be. However, he goes as far as telling everybody in the town that his wife is really a different woman, that his first wife is really dead. It’s a fair argument that a man such as Mr.Ponza could be crazy, but why then would he buy Mrs. Frola an apartment in the same town? Then what about Mrs. Frola? A melancholy, calm, elderly woman, a…

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