Pecola Breedlove: Why Parents Are Vulnerable To Their Children

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Children are extremely vulnerable. They are impressionable and emotionally immature. A parent’s job is to help his/her child grow and develop so he or she is not vulnerable anymore. That’s what a parent is supposed to do. But what happens when parents don’t do their job; what happens to their children? Having good self-esteem is so important for children. Parents are supposed to provide love and support, so their children will have positive feelings about themselves. Pecola Breedlove is a perfect example of a child whose parents don’t do their job. Pecola doesn’t have a supportive family; therefore, she can’t grow as a person. Pecola Breedlove hates herself because no one ever taught her to love herself or even what love is. Pecola Breedlove …show more content…
Her parents are constantly screaming and yelling at each other. She wanted to disappear. (Morrison 45) How bad can a child’s life get that they just want to go away? There is a perfect example of how Mrs. Breedlove treated her daughter. When Pecola went to work with her and she spilled the blueberries. Pecola’s mother beat her, then she comforted the other little white girl. (Morrison 109) The way the Pauline Breedlove treated her own child, but held another with so much love, must have killed Pecola insisde. Pecola also called her mother Mrs. Breedlove, but this little girl called her Polly. Pecola’s mother showed more love to that little girl than she ever showed to Pecola. This must make Pecola hate herself. She isn’t angry at her mother or the littke girl, as Junior. She took the hate and pointed it at herself. As bad as Pecola’s mother is, Cholly is so much worse. Cholly is a drunken bastard. “Pecola, her father’s always drunk,” Morrison 108). Always drunk, ALWAYS DRUNK!!! That is the worst type of parent. How can he be a functional father, if he’s always drunk. Also, Cholly robbed her of her virginity. He planted his seed in her soil. (Morrison 6) How is raping her supposed to help her? What kind of sick twisted parent rapes his own child? All of this trauma is what caused Pecola to be so

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