Review Of Homer 's ' The Odyssey ' Essay

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Journal Book 13: Arrival of Odysseus at Ithaca
Compare and Contrast : In The Odyssey, by Homer, the arrival of Odysseus back home is a really important part of the story, as it was what he had been striving to do in the beginning of the epic novel. Odysseus ends up with the Phaeacians, and they decide to help them. Odysseus gets a nap on the trip, and they arrive at Ithaca, “Then the men left the timbered ship and came ashore, and straightway took Odysseus from the hollow ship-him.. and set him on the sands, still sunk in sleep. They also brought the treasure.. and laid it all together by an olive truck a little off the road” (Homer 160). Odysseus is not woken up when they arrive at Ithaca, and the Phaeacians simple place him there and leave. After they place Odysseus there, the Phaeacians place the gifts that was given to Odysseus next to a olive truck. In the book Mythology, by Edith Hamilton, the Phaeacians place Odysseus there and, “When he woke he was on dry land, lying on a beach. The sailors had set him ashore just as he was, ranged his belongings beside him, and departed. He started up and stood staring around him” (Hamilton 300). There is a subtle difference in both stories. It is stated that in Mythology, Odysseus’ gifts and belongings were placed next to him, in the sand. In The Odyssey, the gifts are places next to a olive truck, prompted by Athene. If the gifts were placed next to Odysseus in the open, as said in Mythology, then I believe there would have been a…

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