Review Of ' As Soon As It Gets ' Essay

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The main character of “As Soon As It Gets”, Melvin Udall, suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD. OCD is an anxiety disorder, characterized by two distinctive features: persistent and unwanted thoughts, images, ideas etc. (obsessions) which the individual cannot control, and repetitive ritualistic behaviors (compulsions) which aim to reduce anxiety (Austrian 2012). In the movie, Udall cannot force himself to step on the cracks in the pavement, and fears germs, which urges him to use disposable plastic dishes when he eats. In line with the OCD diagnosis, he has a specific ritual which involves eating in a particular restaurant every day at the same time. Whenever Udall has to get in touch with other people, he is extremely unfriendly and misanthropic, as they make him feel more anxious. One particular plotline revolves around Udall accidentally getting a dog in his apartment, which causes him great distress because of its perceived uncleanness and uncontrollably active behavior. The fact that in the end of the film Udall overcomes his OCD without any treatment looks like fiction, although Austrian (2012) states that all people can experience similar symptoms over the course of their lives without ever having been properly diagnosed.
In order to be diagnosed with OCD, the patient must undergo a specific assessment. According to The DSM-5, obsessions and compulsions are usually time-consuming (taking up to an hour a day or more), cause strong distress and…

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