Journal Activity 3.2: Mental Health Legislation In The NWT?

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Journal Activity 3.2: Mental Health Legislation in the NWT
Similar to other jurisdictions across Canada, the Northwest Territories (NWT) has its own mental health legislation which describes how residents with mental health challenges can be supported. Among other things, the legislation determines how to care for individuals who may require voluntary or involuntary admission to a mental health facility. In the NWT, the mental health legislation has undergone recent public review. By October 2015, Bill 55: Mental Health Act (2015) passed its third reading in the legislature, but news sources stated that it would take approximately a year to come into effect (Thurton, 2015a). In looking forward, Bill 55: Mental Health Act (2015) is meant to
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For example, frontline workers will have the ability to seek involuntary psychological assessments for those who exhibit mental illness concerns (Carmichael, 2015). With the passing of the Bill 55: Mental Health Act (2015), a three-member panel will be given the authority to review and make administrative decision about critical issues (like, judging whether a patient has the mental competency to make treatment decision, and deciding if a doctor should treatment despite a patient’s refusal (Carmichael, 2015). The panel will include one lawyer and one medical doctor (Bill 55: Mental Health Act, 2015). With Bill 55: Mental Health Act (2015), the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) responded to northerner’s call for more counsellors, more treatment options, and more opportunities …show more content…
It provides for the establishment of a Review Board to hear, in a timely manner, applications by patients, persons acting on behalf of patients, medical practitioners and other persons. (p. 1)
According to many northern new reports (Carmichael, 2015; Magee, 2015; Thurton, 2015a; Williams, 2015), the Bill 55: Mental Health Act (2015) will bring a number of substantial changes to how the GNWT will manage those who present mental health concerns. Because Bill 55: Mental Health Act (2015) lacks presence on the GNWT Health and Social Services website and is not yet in force, this journal entry will focus on a review of the Mental Health Act 1988 (2015). Expected changes to this act as a result Bill 55: Mental Health Act (2015) will be described in brief at the end of the journal entry.
The legal sections of the Mental Health Act 1988 (2015) that describe how an individual can be certified and admitted to a designated mental health facility for treatment immediately follow the introductory sections of the Act (that is, Interpretation, Agreements, and Appointments). Section 6 of the Act describes the process for voluntary admission. This section states a patient can be voluntarily admitted if a medical practitioner believes that the person is suffering or in need of hospital care due to a mental disorder (Mental Health Act 1988, 2015, s

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