Reverend Richard Wurmbrand: Voice Of The Underground Church

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Ibrahim Danladi
Mission Shaped Church

Reverend Richard Wurmbrand was also known as the "Voice of the Underground Church" or "Iron Curtain St. Paul" was a Romania Minister whose desire to share the gospel of Jesus to his oppressors the Communist landed him fourteen years of torture and imprisonment which he miraculously survived. Rev. Richard arduous story as a prisoner of Jesus has been an inspiration to many including myself and his appeal to believers around the world to support the mission of the underground/persecuted churches is one I take seriously as persecuted Christian in Nigeria.
Richard Wurmbrand was born on March 24, 1909, in Bucharest, Romania. As an atheist, Richard 's bitter childhood as a result of poverty during WW1 convinced
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The underground church thrived under Richard 's leadership and many souls were won for Christ. His test of radical faith happened on February 29, 1948, on his way to Church when he was kidnapped by the Secret Police. For fourteen years, Richard experienced starvation, torture, and drugging in prison because he refused to deny Jesus. His unwavering faith in Jesus and the believers who also went to prison for proclaiming Christ kept him strong until he was finally released. Upon his release in 1956, Wurmbrand continued his work with the underground church which resulted to his re-arrest. Due to political pressure from the west, Wurmbrand was released and the Norwegian Mission to the Jews paid the government ten-thousand dollars to allow Richard to leave Romania. Although he was reluctant at first, the underground church leaders urged him to leave and become the voice of the Underground Church to the rest of the World. Richard and his family left Romania in 1965. While the Wurmbrands were living in England, Richard released his first book Tortured for Christ, a book that recounts his story as a witness and prisoner of Jesus, and also founded a ministry whose goal was to serve the persecuted church around the world. The ministry was later renamed Voice of …show more content…
The message of the underground church to the west is, "Don 't abandon us. Don 't forget us. Don 't write us off. Give us tools we need! We will pay the price for using them" Some of the ways that Richard has encouraged the free church to partner with the underground church are: praying for believers and the people they evangelize to, and sending bibles to the believers urgently. The Underground Church Christians are faithful to Jesus but can be more effective if provided the support and tools the need for the Master 's work. The founding of the ministry The Voice of the Martyrs was to have a formal organization to assist the persecute church all over the world. The goals of the organization are: provide bibles and radio broadcast to restricted nations, give relief to family of martyrs, encouraging believers to share their faith, win those opposed to the gospel to Christ and to inform the world about the atrocities committed against Christians and their courage to

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