Reverend Father Layog and the Holy Family Parish: Essay

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Case Analysis

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I. Statement of the Problem: How will they come up with sufficient funds to pay their remaining debts to these money lenders and their laborers and raise budget needed to support their unfinished project before his term ends? II. Objectives: a. To increase their budget up to 10% within 3 months. b. To be able to pay at least 35% of the debt within 3 months. c. Maintain, promote and develop corporate social management.
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Layog’s term. A person from the committee on Temporalities and Finance should be assigned to the take care of preparing and making schedules of activities to be alone. Using the management approach, the person will use the Gantt Chart, a bar chart listing and showing all the activities to be accomplished every after 3 months. Through it, organized and ordered activities will be followed by the church officials as well as present it to the residents of the town making them aware and inform of the remaining projects of the church.

IV. Alternative Courses of Action h. If the project is not finished upon or before the end of Fr. Layog’s term, he can request to extend his term in the Parish so as to fulfill his obligations.

i. Donations given by external parties will be hold restricted only for the project’s usage.

j. Hold a concert for a cause inviting people not only from the town but also outside of the town’s boundary and use the funds for finishing the unfinished project and paying debts.

V. Conclusion
There is still a possibility that remaining project will be finished and that the debts can be paid upon or before at the end of Fr. Layogs’s term. VI. Recommendation
Raise additional funds by initializing certain religious activities which will require aspiring audiences to see live

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