Revenge Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay examples

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In the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, revenge is possibly the biggest theme topic in the entire play. A large part of the revenge that is spoken about, comes from Hamlet and his desire to get vengeance against the current King, Claudius, for murdering his father. There are many speeches that convey the idea of revenge within the play, but I have gathered two of them that I feel represent the theme in a way that explains why it occurs so often. The first of the two speeches is orated by a ghost who is supposed to portray Hamlet’s father. He speaks of how he is “doomed for a certain term to walk the night” (I.v.10) and must be avenged of his death. He tells Hamlet to therefore find a way to get revenge against Claudius. After the story progresses for a while, Hamlet starts to think more about getting revenge. In the next speech, we see what Hamlet feelings are. He believes that he must hurry up and somehow get retribution on Claudius. Through these two speeches, we are able to see why revenge is such an important theme to the story and what it means towards the characters. The ghost, is the main contributor to Hamlet wanting to retaliate against Claudius. He introduces the story of how Claudius had murdered Old Hamlet and that had commenced Hamlet’s desire for revenge. The ghost speaks of how he lives terribly because of how he had died and that he needs to be avenged in order to live a better afterlife. Therefore, because Old Hamlet cannot physically get revenge on…

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