Revenge In The Revenant

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Revenge. The act of doing something to hurt someone because that person did something that hurt you. ‘[source?] This concept is one that many people feel at one point in their lives and is necessary to move on with their fate. Satisfaction stems from revenge for many; however others encourage to pass on revenge for the sake of karma; meaning the person of wrong doing will get what they deserve in time [source?]. However, in the movie The Revenant, the Arikara tribe states that “revenge is in the creator’s hands,” thus helping to spare the life of one settler, Hugh Glass. As the movie progresses, you [me?] begin to understand the desire to meet a need such as revenge; however the real question presented is: how far are you willing to go for …show more content…
For your audience? Also, is this a topic sentence?], The Revenant. It’s imperative to understand who the main character, Hugh Glass, is and how accurately his story is presented [why?]. The first thing to note is that Hugh Glass is in fact a real person, and the name was used in the movie to help relay the tale of Hugh Glass through Leonardo DiCaprio. In both the movie and real life, Glass was a “frontiersman and fur trapper.” [source?] The fur trapper was the one that signed up for an expedition in 1823 that was led by General William Henry Ashley and Major Andrew Henry. Together, the men endured a search for “enterprising young men” to join their party as trappers (Punke). ok Although the movie doesn’t specifically show the agreement that Glass signed for the expedition, the movie does display the group of frontiersman that traveled together as well as Major Henry who is played by Domhall Gleeson thus tying in a fact from Hugh Glass’ life. Following the beginning of the movie, viewers are introduced to this group of frontiersmen and their journey, to soon witness a village attack from a group of Indians. Although the legitimacy of that specific scene may be compromised in the movie, it is said that the relationship between the Indians and the European Frontiersmen experienced a wavering [meaning

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