The Crucible Revenge Analysis

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In the case of most living things, a lot of reasoning behind actions stems from vengeance. Human beings often act out fits of anger and jealousy in the form of revenge. Vengeance is something that is very prominent in The Crucible. Arthur Miller has shown the people residing in the town of Salem, Massachusetts to represent their tendencies for vengeance in many ways such very blatantly seeking it, setting a certain tone in conversation, and other subtle feelings that you pick up on while reading the play. In Act One, although it was subtle, you could still detect a glimmer of the characters’ vengeful attitudes towards other people and situations. After the incident that carried on in the woods, Reverend Parris was questioning Abigail about …show more content…
It is portrayed in almost all of the forms previously mentioned in this one act. To begin with, when Mary Warren is in agreement with John to testify against the other girls, she is terrified. She is reluctant to testify because she knows that Abigail and the girls will come back at her with vengeance so powerful that it will drive her to imprisonment and insanity. Miller showed that Mary’s reluctance was for good reason. The girls got their revenge for Mary’s betrayal in the meanest way they could. They began chanting and accusing Mary of being with the devil. When Miller writes this, it really shows how much of a horrible and vengeful person Abigail Williams is. Although she had protected, defended and had been a friend to Mary, she completely went revenge crazy the moment Mary even spoke a word against her. Later, Miller uses Proctor to point out to the courtroom and the reader that everything that has been done has been solely from Abigail’s vengeful hate. Reverend Hale even flat out says, “private vengeance is working though this testimony!” At this point in the play, Miller is verbalizing what has been part of the underlying tone of the play from the very beginning (Miller 114). Basically, the crazy revenge seeking townspeople/Abigail level in Act Three is almost too high to

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