Revenge In Arthurbeth: The Inferno Of The Crucible

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What has brought upon this madness? It is as though the entire town of Salem has been swept up in a wild inferno of vengeance – an inferno surely herding us all into the wrathful grasp of Satan. Surely, for all the years of learning, the wisdom I have found in my books I should have doused this folly before it began! I see the brand of condemnation on my hands, as bright and stained as it were the ink that with those hands sold the souls of the good Christian men and women of Salem. I have not slept these long months – aye I cannot sleep – for Proctor’s ominous warning haunts my dreams. [he pauses, his face tormented] And I cannot dismiss his words, for surely it is true that we will all burn in hell for this affront to God [quieter, ashamed] We played into the hands of the devil – I am sure it is the devil that is running free in the town; he is running free in the vengeance of petty children. [his voice is louder now] Surely we shall all burn for this callous disregard for the very life that God made sacred.
[speaking with anguish] And surely I shall burn the hottest. Is pride not one of the seven deadly sins? And if it is then surely I am its idol! I, with all my books and holy
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But, if we are that fortress then now we crumble from within. How can we stand when the very mortar that binds us is breaking? What is justice when the very court of law fails us? It is surely true that my part in this disaster is an unforgivable one, and one that will be held against me in our ultimate judgement [he falters at that], but I was not the lone man in this court. It is a strange town indeed when the snake charms its master - and how quickly Danforth was charmed by that snake Abigail Williams. I know now that all but God are steeped in corruption, and even the court, in its God given wisdom, ultimately succumbed to the will of the devil manifested again as a

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