Retelling Of The Jesus Story Essay

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Provide multiple examples and discussion for each of the following:
• What other examples of the “retelling” of the Jesus Story can you think of? (I.e., not discussed in detail in class.)

I believe there are far more retellings of the Jesus Story than could be explained in just the expanse of this short paper. Many of the retellings have already been discussed during the Mission Message class. In fact, a large portion of the class and one paper has already been dedicated to discussion of the retelling of Jesus Story in terms of the authorship of the Gospels. It is well understood scholarship that each of the Gospels were shaped by some sort of retelling of the Jesus tale. Even Mark (if you stick with Markan priority) would have had to construct
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Films like Jesus Christ Superstar, God’s Not Dead, Son of God and The Passion all express the telling of the Jesus Story and makes it accessible in another format outside the Bible. Each of course, has its own interpretation which problems will be discussed later in these questions. For example, Jesus Christ Superstar has an incredibly odd and somewhat strange take on the Jesus Story, but nevertheless, serves as a retelling of the life of Jesus. The Passion also serves as a retelling, focusing on the crucifixion of Jesus (specifically the last 12 hours) of his life in a violent and graphic way. Films range on the spectrum of incredibly Biblically accurate to not as Biblically accurate, but all seek to retell the life of Jesus in their own …show more content…
Each of the Gospels is written in a different point of view, Jesus Christ Superstar is written through the point of view of Judas Iscariot, and often Christmas songs tell the Jesus Story though different points of view including Mary, Jesus, and more. The telling of the Jesus Story from multiple points of view allows for depth and new takes on a “familiar” tale, which becomes important in analysis of the story. Additionally, more points of view help to determine accuracy of the story and determine what is most historically correct. Having multiple viewpoints ultimately allows the perspective of the Jesus Story to be

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