Restrictions Will Not Help : The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

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Restrictions Will Not Help
SNAP, otherwise known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or ”food stamps”, has been extremely valuable in combating the obesity epidemic. However there is always more that can be done, especially when dealing with hunger and proper nutrition. A proposition has been made to reduce the buying power of food stamps in order to motivate families to buy better food that is actually nutritional. This is in an effort to combat the growing problem of obesity. While some organizations believe that restrictions on purchases made with food stamps may motivate families to purchase healthier foods and combat obesity, there are better methods to dealing with the epidemic and restrictions will only discourage the participation of families who may need the help.
The intent of the SNAP program has been to provide low income families an extra source of cash when purchasing food. It has been largely successful since its official inception in 1964. Recently, people have looked to alter this program and change it to better combat the expanding problem of obesity. The change would see that we restrict what families can purchase with their food stamps. Limit the amount of junk food and treats families can buy and force them to purchase healthier options. Craig Gundersen, the author of “The Future of Children”, doesn’t believe any restrictions will work. He states “these proposed changes are unlikely to reduce childhood obesity yet are likely to have the…

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