Restorative Justice For New York State Essay

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Placed at the Office for Policy and Planning for New York State Courts, a problem-solving court, its mission revolves around the concept of restorative justice. Restorative justice is a theory that places emphasis on fixing the relationship between offenders and the community. By using this theory the Office of Policy and Planning looks to increase the efficiency at which courts handle cases. With New Yorks vast judicial system, there are times where offenders and victims feel as if they are stuck in a long and grueling process. Problem-solving courts make the court process easier by targeting the issues that bring offenders into the system and attempt to solve them in order to prevent recidivism. Overseeing courts, opening a line of communication, and arranging treatment for offenders when appropriate allows the Office of Policy and Planning to tackle the root of the problem instead of adding to an already large prison population (New York State Unified Court System, 2014). Judith Kaye a Chief Judge of New York (1993-2008) played a vital role in the creation of problem-solving courts (Krane, 2005). Throughout her term as Chief Judge she transformed the courts of New York with sweeping judicial innovations (Krane, 2005). One of these innovations includes problem-solving courts, which she would create as soon as she took office. Kaye focused on improving the problems that existed in the court systems. Courts were filled with corruption and people were losing faith in the…

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