Responsibility Assessment Scales ( R Cras ) Essay examples

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Responsibility Assessment Scales (R-CRAS) there are too many variations among the states for them to be used universally (Costanzo & Krauss, 2015, p.192). Therefore, mental health professionals must attempt to evaluate past thinking and behaviors, as the defendant’s state of mind at the time of the assessment may be different than at the time of the crime. For example, in Miller’s case, her trial didn’t begin until eight months after she murdered her husband and had been undergoing treatment including medication. However, it is reasonable that due to her recent hospitalization and mental illness diagnosis a mental health professional may determine that Miller was insane at the time of the crime (Costanzo & Krauss, 2015, p. 191) but further evaluation of the details would need to occur before a determination could be relayed to the court.
An article entitled, Rationality, Insanity, and the Insanity Defense: Reflections on the Limits of Reason written by Theodore Y. Blumoff (2015) for the Law and Psychology Review journal discusses the limits of the insanity defense without considering volition and context, describes two cases where psychotic thoughts caused the defendants to commit the murders, and why the insanity defense should not be morphed into the mens rea defense. The two cases explored by Blumoff (2015) within this article are of particular interest because they directly correlate with the need for the availability of an insanity defense. One case, previously…

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