Research Theory Of Organizational Change Essay

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Research Theory of Organizational Change has shifted and is now most closely associated with the organizational development theory Jerry Porras and colleagues conducted, most notably, planned verses unplanned change and first-order versus second order change (Burke, 2014). Planned changed frequently involves a fundamental change in the organization and is a deliberate and conscious decision to improve the organization. Unplanned change is often a spontaneous change that results from a need to respond to some unexpected external factor. First order change is continuous improvement or evolutionary change, versus radical or deep structural change which is considered second order change (Burke, 2014).
From their research, Porras and Silverman developed a Planned Process Model of Organizational Change, which addresses how organization change occurs. This model includes two change interventions: Organization transformation, a change in vision and mission and Organization Development which involves work setting variables like social factors, technology, and physical setting. These change interventions then trigger changes that affect individual members thought processes and attitudes which hopefully leads to behavior change and improves organizational performance and individual employee development.
In the Planned Process Model, behavior is often affected first, followed by linking meaning to actions and behavior. While, a clear vision is important, vision alone doesn’t generate…

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