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Pope John Paul ii was born on the 18 of May 1920 in Wadowice Poland. He was ordained at the age of 26, and soon after, he became Bishop of Ombi, he accomplished this at age 38. He was named a cardinal in 1967 by Pope Paul VI at age 41. 11 years after he became a cardinal, he won the Papacy, making him the first non-Italian Pope in over 400 years. In 2005, Pope John Paul ii unfortunately passed away, 8 years later it was announced he would become a saint.

Pope John Paul ii was a huge advocate with human rights. He believed every man was a creation of God and their have rights as a human being. He was constantly seeing people judged everyday based on what they have and what they don’t. He believed that everyone should see everyone as one thing and one thing only, a human being under the power of God. With that in mind, Pope John Paul ii sees everyone for not just who they are, but as an equal.
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If Pope John Paul ii sees something as unnecessary or intentional to knock something down, he would mention that it isn’t politically correct. Also, people follow him by example and see him as a role model, so people would try to replicate him, taking his beliefs and such into consideration. So if someone looking up to Pope John Paul ii saw him acting a certain way, he would act that way to. Pope John Paul ii knew this and saw this as an opportunity to change the human race by changing their political view by having them follow

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