Research On Children And Young People Essay

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Research involves systematically investigating and studying sources as well as materials to reach new conclusions and establish facts. For this reason, research is very crucial, especially when it relates to children and young people. It requires that various concerns relating to consent, ethics as well as the methodology of dissemination be in the best interest of children and the young people. There is a significant impact originating from the influence and nature of variations in the relationships that exist between those being researched and researchers in the process of investigation. Thus, it is crucial to understand the limitations of research. This ensures research results in outcomes relating to children and young people and identifies ways to improve their lives. The aim of this essay is to establish and give an explanation of the differences between research ‘on’ and research ‘with’ children and young people.
Research on children
“It is unethical to perform research on children and young people." A continuing legacy to this perspective is that the current base of evidence is not strong as expected. Fortunately, there are changes regarding this viewpoint. Rather than ensuring children and young people are protected from research, there is a need to ensure they are protected through research (Vicky, 2003). Also, there exist a strong urge to conduct clinical research with children and young people in ways that are ethical and scientifically robust (Sammons, et al.,…

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