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Request for Readmission
I have previously been a student of St. Luke’s College during the Spring semester of 2015 and the Spring semester of 2016. When I returned in 2016 back into the program I was unable to obtain the 78% passing grade for two of my courses, NUR 225 and NUR 226. I was speechless when I saw that for both courses I was less than 1% of being successful in completing the course. I was ashamed and embarrassed by my failure and took lots of time to reflect on how the semester had gone. I reminded myself that nursing is a unique, one of a kind major to pursue. Every nursing student experiences times of struggle, feeling broken, failure, and the temptation to maybe, possibly switch majors. Through everything that had occurred during the semester, though, I know I will reach my goals and dreams, my strength isn’t determined by one semester, but rather it is an ongoing journey of learning, honor, humility and a chance to make the smallest difference in the lives of my patients. I have a passion for clinical, I have a huge desire to care for others and to make a positive impact on their care at Unity Point Health. Nursing is not an easy major, however, every second during clinical proves itself over and over that it is worth it. I am extremely compassionate, I establish a great rapport with my patients, I speak with kindness, I take on new experiences, go above and beyond to meet my patient’s needs, and I love every moment of it.
To return back to the nursing…

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