Request for Proposal Essay

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Read through the whole RFP and change words where needed, ie. change “Your Company” to a company name of your choosing. Add some clip art if you feel the need to. And erase this part before submitting.
Request for Proposal for Microsoft Office Software Training
John A. Smith (Your name)
University of Phoenix
ENG/221 Technical Writing
Joseph Johnson (instructor name)

Table of Contents

1. Overview – page 3 a. Introduction page 3 b. Business Goals page 3 2. Scope – page 4 c. Purpose of Request for Proposal page 4 d. Project Goal page 4-5 3. Vendor Information – page 5 e. Desired Qualifications page 5 f. Requirements for Formatting and
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The company has already secured 75 computers pre-loaded with Microsoft Office 2010 software, which will be issued to each employee for the duration of the course.

DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS 1. Company Background a. Company history b. Instructor certifications and experience c. Awards received d. Financial Statements e. BBB Rating (if any)

2. Industry Experience f. What courses did your company provide in the past. g. 3 references from companies who received training.
Any proposal will need to provide answer to all questions and respond in detail to the RFP. Please include any necessary attachments to complete the proposal. Pricing in the proposal should be itemized for each course. Identify any payment methods, requirements, and any other billing or invoicing information and submit as an attachment.
At the posting of this RFP, each company will have up to June 1, 2011 to respond. Any proposal received by Your Company after June 1, 2011 will not be accepted. Exceptions will be given on a case-by-case basis. Companies are highly encouraged to submit any and all proposals early.
Your Company strives to keep any and all proposals and information, for customers and vendors alike, confidential to any person or entity outside of personnel actively working on

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