Report : Top Ten Spreadsheet Tools Essay

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Report one Top ten spreadsheet tools/techniques
1 Record
2 Field names
3 relationships
4 Manual calculations
5 Pivot table

Replace the current manual system to manage the membership loans of books, movies and loans
1 Records show the details of the person of or any other information needed. It helps the data being entered in a straight order for every single record. The records are stored in rows containing information about the person and many people’s information can be stored in a record of tables this shows which loans have been given to what people and improves usability and productivity.
2 Field names are used to ensure the data for each record is entered in the same sequence. This shows the user what each person has done. This speeds up productivity as it is entered in a sequence and accuracy as the data for each record is in the same sequence.
3 A relationship is a connection between two tables of databases on one column each. It helps clear any duplicate data so all the data can be 100% correct. This can help the accuracy as this gets rid of the duplicate so you know your data that is stored is accurate. This can help productivity move forward.
4 Manual calculations is a tool in excel which performs calculations at a fast speed updating each value as you input numbers this can automatically make your time shorter calculating and by doing so you can track all the data in a single table. This improves productivity as you are making more calculations…

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