Report On The Stanford Prison Experiment Essay

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Report on the Stanford Prison Experiment for PSYC 1111 The Office of Naval Research sponsored a study at Stanford University to "develop a better understanding of the basic psychological mechanisms underlying human aggression" and to identify which conditions can lead to aggression when men are living in close quarters for a long period of time (Haney, C., Banks, W.C. & Zimbardo, P.G. (1973)). This experiment took form within a model prison created in the basement at Stanford University to discover the variables found in prisons that can lead to aggression in people, i.e. guards and prisoners. The hypothesis explored was that ‘guards’ and ‘prisoners’ would react in different ways and their behavior and state of being would differ from each other. An ad was placed in the newspaper asking for male volunteers willing to participate in a psychological experiment regarding prison life in return for $15/day for a period of up to two weeks. Of the 75 people who answered the ad, 24 were selected after answering a battery of questions regarding their family, personal and mental health history. The 24 selected were judged to be the “most stable…most mature, and least involved in anti-social behaviors” (Haney et al., 1973). These subjects were informed they would be randomly selected to play the role of ‘guard’ or ‘prisoner’ and that ‘prisoners’ should expect to be under close surveillance throughout the experiment, as well as lose some of their civil rights during their…

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