Report : Accident Analysis And Prevention Essay

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The source I chose to evaluate is from the journal “Accident Analysis & Prevention”. The article is called “Injury Prediction in a Side Impact Crash using Human Body Model Simulation”, written by Adam J. Golman, Kerry A. Danelson, Logan E. Miler and Joel D. Stitzel. I found this source through the Highline College Library online database. This piece was received on May 8th, 2013, received in revised form on October 16, 2013, and accepted on October 23rd, 2013. My search was “The Human Body”, I made sure it was a peer-review journal, an article, and the publication date was between 1982 – 2016. It gave me 295,855 results. If I did not narrow the search bar down, I would get a result of 645,110. This source not only talks about the human body, but mostly focuses on an injury of the human body when a car is coming and crashed into the side of the car.
I would consider this to be a scholarly journal because based on the video “Identifying scholarly Journal Articles”, the first thing that they mention was the article should show when it was received, accepted and published. In the article by Golman, Danelson, Miler and Stizel they clearly stated when this journal was received, revised and accepted and was found towards the top of the paper. The second thing the video mention was a long descriptive name for a title, one thing to note about this article is that even though the article’s name is not as long as other articles, it “sounds” more impressive than just saying “Injury…

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