Essay on Renewable Sources Of Fossil Fuels

1821 Words Oct 26th, 2015 null Page
Fossil fuels were created by the Earth millions of years ago while the core and crust were not yet fully separated. Have been used too much and it is damaging the environment us as human beings, need to survive as a species on this planet. The amount of natural resources available to us as consumers is diminishing by the day. The fossil fuels industries produces most of the power and heat throughout the civilized parts of the globe. The big companies making millions off of the demand for energy created by fossil fuels only care about the profit they are making monthly not what they are creating as a byproduct devastating our only home. The change to alternative energy sources will take time, effort, and money to make them work properly. After all these are complete it will benefit the Earth tremendously. It will also be cheaper to switch to the renewable sources of energy further down the line. The big companies for fossil fuels won’t be in business to hurt the environment and will not end up ending the human population on Earth. Furthermore, fossil fuels were formed hundreds of millions of years ago, but they will not be around forever. United States Department of Energy states that these fossil fuels within the Earth were made about 300 million years ago (2013). The exotic animals and plants were extinct and decomposed under the Earth. Forms of fossil fuel depended on what materials and animals were within a certain area, where process began, what temperature it was, and…

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