Rene Descartes And David Hume Essay examples

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Over the course of the semester, we asked ourselves three question; Who am I? What am I? and Why am I here? Out of these questions, the one that I found the most interesting to learn about was the question, who am I? This question is something I have always thought about, but I never really had a concrete answer. In class we discussed about epistemology, the origin of knowledge, and that just fascinated me. Two of the philosophers that we read about that involved epistemology were Rene Descartes and David Hume. I found their readings to be the most illuminating and helpful in addressing the question of who I am. These two philosophers have contradicting views on knowledge and how it is acquired. Since I agree with many of the points that both philosophers make, I believe that knowledge is acquired from both experiences and reason. Rene Descartes is a rationalist, therefore he believes that knowledge should be based on reason, innate ideas and prior knowledge, before experience. If he has any doubt, he suspends his judgement until he can prove that something is true with certainty. Descartes believes that in order to succeed in the sciences he will have to free himself from previous thoughts and start to question everything. He also states that arithmetic and geometry are undoubtedly real. I agree with him when he says that arithmetic and geometry are real because they work with numbers and there is always a concrete answer. On the other hand, I disagree with him when he…

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