Renaissance During The Renaissance : Renaissance Essay

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Renaissance in Veneto and Tuscany
Italian artists were representative of the Renaissance but were not representative of Italy as a whole during the Renaissance. Italy, throughout the Renaissance, was not unlike other European countries. The country faced the same decline in population due to the plague and a steady rise in population after the plague. Most of the country, like most of Europe, was rural and made up of peasants. The Renaissance, however, did not occur within the majority of Europe with the rural peasants. The Renaissance was a resurgence of classical art and education among richer men, especially men from Italy. Many famous Renaissance artists were Italian, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli, and Michelangelo Simoni. Italian Renaissance artists were embodying the ideas of the Renaissance but were not embodying the everyday Italian during this time.
The largest population distribution in Italy was Sicily/Naples, which was 90.2% rural and only 9.8% urban. Sicily/Naples makes up 40% of the entire population of Italy. The region in Italy with the highest urban population was Lombardy at 32.6%, but there was still 67.4% of the Lombardy population in rural areas. Lombardy, on the other hand, only totaled 8% of the entire population of Italy, making its urban population less impactful in comparison to Sicily/Naples. Since Sicily/Naples had the most people in its region, the more likely it is to assume that it would have the most artists in Italy.…

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