Remembering Essays

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This is an excellent example of a remembering essay. Even though it is longer in length than you are required, the student who submitted it to me received the same assignment that you have. Note the many techniques she incorporates into her essay to make it personal and emotionally appealing to her audience.

Hope Ellison
English 1113, 10294
September 20, 2004

Live like You’re Dying Standing at a benefit to raise money for cancer a few weeks ago, I heard someone begin to sing “Wind beneath My Wings.” Hearing such an inspirational song made me start to think about the “wind beneath my wings,” my mom. Webster’s Dictionary defines the word Influence as “the power to affect others.” To me, my mom embraced this power. One look at her
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Mom simply washed her face while I went into the kitchen to get her a sprite to relieve her nauseous state and then continued putting on her makeup and adjusting her hair as if the sickness did not exist. I was always quite amazed at her fortitude. Likewise many nights I came home from a date or from being with my friends to find that she had been sick again. The ghostly paleness of her face and the gasping shortness of breath always accompanied her presence. I never failed to ask her how often she had been sick, but she always pretended that she was fine and that her sickness was no big deal, just a little queasy stomach. I knew better, though. In her determination to make my life as normal as possible, she always took the time to talk to me even through her sick spells. Even though my room was on the other side of the house from hers oftentimes, I awoke during the night to hear the heart-wrenching sobs and cries of her pain, and would go into her room and help my dad through yet another sick and sleepless night of caring for her. Once the horrible process of being cringingly sick was finally over, my dad would go back to sleep, but my

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