Religious Intolerance And The Middle East Essay

1590 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
What seems to plague humankind the most in recent years is religious intolerance. Between the extremists in the Middle East and the hostile interactions in the United States there seems to be very little acceptance of differing religious beliefs. Muslims and Christians alike find themselves assaulted physically and mentally on their own religions by the sacerdotal majority in the region. Religious intolerance is shown through the ignorance of hateful citizens, the media, and extremist beliefs. This fear mongering in the media and the intolerant religious beliefs that are taught in Christianity and Islam create a horrible divide between the differing theological viewpoints. The organization Forming Acceptance and Integration Throughout Humanity (FAITH) will strive to find and resolve the issues behind religious intolerance and hate. FAITH will strive to conquer the divide through outreach and integration programs as well as teaching to recognize the values in differing religious communities. The media censorship in the Middle East contributes to the religious ideals that are formed which creates an intolerance to other religions. As an example, outlier communities were unable to learn the actual motives for the American invasion of Iraq. Since law based on religion is so prevalent in the Middle East, religious leaders in the outlier communities concluded that America has an ideology and politics based on faith as well. They stated that American laws are based on…

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