Religion, Powerful Leaders, And The Fall Of Major Empires Essay examples

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In this class there has been numerous reoccurring themes. One of these themes was how religion has changed cultures completely and has also been pivotal reason why some wars were started. Throughout the class we have also discussed many different powerful leaders and how they shaped their culture for good and bad. These leaders also changed the way some military tactics were used back then to create more efficient ways of fighting. There have been some major empires that rose to power through their creative ways in building massive structures for their people like the Incas and Aztecs, but their empire fell because of other incredible military tactics. For those reasons is why I have chose to write about religion, powerful leaders, and the fall of major empires. These three things have been a major theme in this class and have impacted the world we live in today. Religion has had a major impact in history and still does today. Some of the religions were learned about only worshiped one god such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. These monotheistic religions tend to be more generous and tranquil because they believe through good devotion they will receive salvation from their sins. They have a good connection with their one god and they believe because of that, good things will come. In the Crusades Pope Urban rallied thousands of Christians to join and help fight the Muslims, and if they did so they would be wiped away from their sins because of their good deed. Opposite…

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