Religion Is Just Breaking Our Life Essay

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“Religions control most of your life. Some people may build their own rules, but they descent too easily into a selfish scenario. Most religions classify themselves as clubs or between members and non-members. Non-members are sometimes called bad, or wicked” (Conspiracy and Religion). Religion is outrageous and so many people worship it when there is no proof to back it up or any real life person to be the leader. It is based off of faith and hope, no one can prove it, but yet the public still wants to follow it. Religion is just breaking our economy down and making it worse. Organized religion is a group that tries to persuade society to believe in an outrageous demand; it manipulates them and makes the people feel less worthy and unwanted, religion controls others’ lives and wants them to believe that there is a God- not ever seen or proved, but we shall worship him; failure to obey the laws of the religion can result to shunning, death, betrayal, or even beat, some build their own rules and try to categorize themselves as members and non-members and call the rest that don’t believe, bad or they will call them wicked. Groups like this tend to have too many rules and it seems as if no one follows it, they will be punished. Religion to this day still hasn’t been proved and society is having faith in nothing. We as people and a society are corrupted and think that a “God” can save us and change the way we think about life. Religion isn’t helping at all and it’s making our…

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