Religion Is A Sticky One Essay

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The topic of religion can be a sticky one. Religion for most people sets their base beliefs and affects at least some of the standards that they live their life by. Challenging these sacred values can be dangerous because it arguably stands against someone 's core virtues they live by and cater to. Although these waters a treacherous, it’s imperative to question anything and everything about a religious system. Why would we not ask questions about something that so many blindly follow? Personal experience plays a role, so this will stay limited mostly to the Christian Church. Religion, especially Christianity, punishes individuals for entirely natural acts, creates false perceptions of knowledge, and builds boundaries between people. One could say that religion has put a large strain on groups of people and individuals all throughout history. It was, in fact, one of the large argument pieces used by slave owners and advocates for race segregation, those of whom referred to Paul in the New Testament who returned a slave to his owner and Jesus, who had never spoken out against the issue. Similar religious claims have argued over women’s rights and are still arguing about gay rights. Let us not forget the major scientists like Galileo who was put under house arrest for speaking against the church by claiming the Earth was not the center of the universe and Alan Turing who was chemically castrated for admitting to homosexual acts in 1950’s Brittan. These acts to a somewhat…

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